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Where can you find jewelry, handbags, backpacks, leggings, scarves, wallets, sunglasses, and more for ONLY $10? The answer is "WHEREVER YOU WANT".  We set up in your school, church, or other venue, and provide thousands of quality items. These are the same items that sell in department stores for $30 to $60.  We can sell these gorgeous products so inexpensively because we don't have the expensive overhead that the department stores do.

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How Much Money Can You Raise?

That depends on how well your organization can promote your sale.  We do all of the heavy work when it comes to sale day, but we need your help to get customers to the sale.  You can earn up to 40% of revenue.  Encourage folks to shop for Mother's & Father's Day, Christmas, birthdays, teachers, friends, and neighbors.  If 200 people purchase 10 gifts each, your group will earn $8,000, which is paid to you immediately following your sale. 

Earn up to 40%

How Easy Is it?

This is a 3 hour LIVE sale.  There are NO committees to be formed, NO baskets to assemble, NO sponsors to recruit, NO donations to be collected, NO order forms to tally, NO upfront cost, NO consignment, NO heavy boxes to lift, NO tickets to sell, NO doors to knock on, NO setup, NO cleanup ........   In short, IT COULD NOT BE EASIER!

You have nothing to lose, give it a try!

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