Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to pre-sell admission tickets?


There is no need to pre-sell admission to the sale.  We simply ask that you do your best to get at least 100 people to the event.

Is this an "order form" sale?


No.  The $10 Gift Sale is a LIVE social event, where the community can connect for fun, AND for a good cause.

How can long-distance relatives participate?


We host a Facebook Live event at your sale, where folks who can't make it to the show can purchase using Facebook Messenger Pay, credit card, or PayPal.

What is your return policy?


Since we do not have a retail location, returns are not possible, unless the customer can hang on to the item and bring it back to us at a subsequent sale.

How can you sell such amazing stuff for only $10?


Our merchandise is the same stuff that sells in big department stores for $20 to $60 or more.  Because we buy in large quantity, and don't pay hefty rent or expensive television advertising, we can share those savings with you.

Can I order more gifts online?


At this time, we do not have an e-commerce platform. We like to think that our LIVE SALE promotes live socializing (remember that?) among the community and also creates a memorable evening of fun, purpose, and, of course, SHOPPING.

Is this like a tricky tray?


There are no gift baskets to assemble, and no canvassing for donations.  At a tricky tray, guests can spend $100 and go home with NOTHING.  At the $10 Gift SALE that same $100 will buy 10 AMAZING gifts.

Where is the sale held?


We can fit into a classroom, hallway, gymnasium, lobby or cafeteria.  All of the inventory is rolled in on carts, which cannot maneuver up or down stairs.

Is this like our Holiday Bazaar?


It could be!  Since your percentage of profits depends on your gross sales, it is a good idea to host your sale during the day for the students, and then open it up to the community in the evening.

When does our organization receive our share of the profits?


Unless you prefer to do it another time, we settle up with you on the evening of the sale, and write you a check that night.  Together, we tally up the cash and credit card sales, and determine your percentage.

Why this instead of what we are currently doing?


If what you are currently doing is working for you, why stop?  But WHY NOT ADD THIS to what you are already doing?  Try it out.  You have nothing to lose and more profit to gain.

It sounds too good to be true. What is the catch?


There is no catch. Your guest will LOVE the quality merchandise. They will LOVE the amazing value. They will LOVE giving to the community instead of going to the mall.