How Does It Work?

Before The Sale

1.  You choose a venue, be it your your school, your local firehouse, or fancy banquet hall.

2.  You choose a date, and call us to confirm availability.

3.  You promote your event, and get people to it.

Day of The Sale

1.  We bring EVERYTHING needed for inventory and setup.  There is no need for you to worry about stocking shelves, counting items, or moving boxes.

2.  You provide 1 or 2 volunteers to assist with the cash register and helping shoppers.

3.  You may wish to provide wine and cheese, or coffee and cake

At the End of the Sale

1.  Together, we will tally up sales, reconcile the cash, and write you a check for your share.   

2.  We take everything away, and you have NO consignment items to return, NO order forms to tally, NO deliveries to make.

3.  You enjoy yourself knowing what a good decision you made to host a $10 Gift Sale.